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Help! When Should I Change My Air Filter?
Occasionally, you might ask, “Is my filter still cleaning the air”? Maybe you remember your HVAC filter being replaced months ago, but how long does a filter work? A dirty or clogged filter can not only cause your home to have dirty air, but it can also affect your HVAC functionality. The last thing you want is to have a frozen air conditioner or have to pay for an emergency heater service because of a clogged air filter! If you decide to take a look at the filter, these are the most important things to do:
Steps To Take When Inspecting Your Filter
1. Turn off your HVAC unit to prevent it from turning on when inspecting the filter.

- Turning the temperature to “off” will stop the furnace from turning on. This will ensure that that loose debris, and even a loose fitting filter, won't be sucked into the duct.

2. Locate your system's filter.

- If you still have your furnace manual, it should detail the type of filter you have and where it is located. If you don't have the manual available, a typical location for the filter is in either the blower compartment of the furnace, or in the metal ductwork before the blower fan.

3. Determine the type of filter your system uses.

- If available, the furnace manual will also provide information about the type of filter your system requires. Some HVAC systems have metal filters that are reusable and need to be rinsed off to clean. Others are one use only and are made of cardboard and fiberglass. For these filters, the dimensions for the filter are important and can be found in the manual or printed on the cardboard filter frame.

4. Remove old filter and, if necessary, replace with cleaned or new filter.

- When removing the air filter, make sure to remember the air flow direction into your furnace. There should be an air-flow arrow on the new filter, and it should be pointed in the direction of your furnace. Once the air filter is out, check for dust, dirt and hairs. If there is visible debris, either clean a replaceable filter or throw out the filter and replace with a new one.

5. Turn the temperature back on.

- With the clean or new filter in place, you are now ready to start your system again and enjoy the clean air in your home.

Take Care of Your Home's Air
The life of an air filter can vary with the season and with the type of filter you have. Therefore, it is recommended that you check your filter at least every 6 weeks to always ensure clean air throughout your home and avoid having to call for furnaces repair services. A clean filter will also increase the life of your HVAC system and cut down on energy costs, so be sure to give your attention to this very important part of your home.
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